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Senior Manager, Architectural Trades

Job Summary
The Senior Manager, Architectural Trades is responsible for managing and directing the design, development, operations and maintenance of University core academic building architectural systems including building envelop systems, interior construction, glazing, interior finishes and stair construction, masonry and fixed furnishings valued at approximately $2B. Responsibilities include: the short and long range planning of building architectural systems, the supervision of M&P professional staff and consultants, the planning of major capital, the creations of cyclical and preventative maintenance programs, the oversight of transition of new buildings and major architectural assets from the project managers to Building Operations, ensures proper handover of new architectural assets and the development of business models   In support of this, the Manager also leads and directs the development of SOPs and inspects and verifies plans for their further compliance. Additionally they are also responsible for organizing, coordinating and allocating personnel, equipment and funds; developing and monitoring costs, methods and procedures to comply with budgets they have developed, as well as established standards and policies.

Organizational Status
Reports to the Director, Trades. The Senior Manager, Architectural works collaboratively with Building Operations staff. They routinely interact with Energy and Water, Infrastructure Development, Campus & Community Planning and UBC Properties Trust.

Work Performed
  • Provides senior leadership and management for technical staff, including: design engineering, heads and crews engaged in the operation and maintenance of campus architectural systems. As well as scheduling, estimating, customer service initiatives, performance goals and objectives, strategic business planning milestones and measurement.
  • Participates and leads strategic planning sessions with the department and within own division; developing, implementing and monitoring procedures and policies; introducing new methods, materials and equipment required to provide the most effective and economical maintenance consistent with engineering principles and safe practice.
  • Develops, manages and routinely updates architectural asset condition data and related maintenance and capital renewal strategies
  • Develops and prepares architectural asset operating and capital budgets and assists the Director in overall building budget planning
  • Develops asset management plans as part of The Capital Renewal Program. By planning and implementation strategies, including: audits, condition assessments, standards development, staffing and funding levels, consumption data and equipment selection, data base management and inventory control
  • Accountable for all work involving architectural trades involved in operations, deferred maintenance, preventative maintenance and capital renewal to ensure maximum quality and value which ensuring minimum down time and disruption to University activities.
  • Ensures a high standard of quality control and appropriate codes, regulations, and safety standards are adhered to.
  • Manages Human Resources issues, in collaboration with Building Operations HR, in the areas of recruitment, performance evaluation, training, coaching, attendance management, discipline, labour relations and terminations.
  • Manages the Heads and Sub-Heads of each crew within their area of responsibility. Ongoing training and coaching of Heads is required to ensure that the Heads are effectively managing the safety, training, productivity, customer service, etc., of their staff.
  • Responsible for the department's input into new building and major renewal construction projects including layout, access, equipment section, cost of operations, maintenance programs, commissioning and construction quality control for all interior and exterior architectural systems such as foundations, floor construction, walls, windows and doors.
  • Ensures University architectural technical requirements are known and understood. Updates UBC Technical Guidelines as necessary.
  • Reviews and recommends solutions to technical maintenance and repair problems by troubleshooting issues, gathering information, researching solution alternatives, and discussing findings.
  • Directs the selection and performance of consultants, contractors for various engineering and operations projects within UBC purchasing guidelines. Monitors and ensures contractor and consultant performance.
  • Develops business models/cases, including financial feasibility, financial and operating systems requirements, cash flow projections, ROI, market studies, organization, resource and strategic plans for the architectural systems.
  • Inspects verifies the condition of buildings to ensure equipment and facilities are operated and maintained in a compliant, satisfactory and safe manner, to foresee problems and to initiate action through their appropriate crews to correct any deficiencies. Oversees and ensures work is performed in conformance with all applicable safety standards and applicable acts and regulations, including but not limited to WorkSafeBC, BC Building Code and CSA Standards. As well as ensuring all employees have the applicable certifications to operate equipment and/or to perform their duties.
  • Oversees all health and safety aspects of campus-wide architectural systems, in collaboration with Building Operations Risk Management, to ensure that work is performed in conformance with the applicable codes, standards and regulations, proactively addressing safety issues.
  • Oversees and leads safety programs and participates pro-actively with various Safety Committees and University or external safety related agencies (WorkSafeBC BC, RMS etc.) as required; performs safety investigations, develops recommendations and sees to the implementation thereof.
  • Prepares the operating and capital (minor and cyclical) budgets for their unit. Controls the expenditures of the sections within the approved budget appropriation; identifies budget over or under expenditures immediately and to recommend and/or take timely corrective action and implements new or improved procedures to avoid re-occurrence of budget problems.
  • Manages revenue generating facility maintenance agreements for all related architectural systems.
  • Provides additional operational information that assists UBCPT, PM's and architects at the design phase of construction.
  • Provides governance and ensures that equipment is inspected, maintained and certified safe to use in accordance with applicable codes and regulations.
  • Negotiates and liaises with contractors and manufacturers in accordance with University guidelines and specifications.
  • Consults with the Facilities Managers (Zones) to identify and prioritize customer service and facility operational needs. Demonstrates a strong leadership role, along with the central shop heads, in supporting the campus Zones to continually improve the Zones' Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Covers the responsibilities of other Trades People and Process Managers/Technical Specialist and Director, Maintenance during vacations and other absences.
  • Performs other related job duties as may be required.

Supervision Received
Works within broad objectives under the direction of the Director, Trades.
Works within policy guidelines departmental and priorities established by the Director. Work is reviewed in terms of overall results on projects and coordination of departmental activities independently to an established policy and a broad framework of laid out procedures. Reference Senior Managers and the Director in problem situations that cannot be resolved within established procedures.

Supervision Given
Is responsible for the operation of units and/or shops which employ approximately 30-40 trades people, in collaboration with unionized Heads and Sub-Heads. Provides leadership and guidance on staff engagement, productivity, safety and technical excellence. Provides guidance to reporting staff on more difficult issues and reviews assigned tasks for compliance to department and University policies. Sets the objectives and priorities and then determines the status of measures accomplishments against the strategic business plan goals, objectives and performance standards. This position manages the architectural trades and has direct supervisory responsibility over contractors working on his/her building systems. Makes continuous checks on work progress to ensure that the best methods, materials and procedures are being used.

Supervises one M&P direct report, 3+ direct unionized heads/sub-heads and approximately 30 unionized indirect reports. Also supervises consultants and contractors as required. Makes continuous checks on work progress to ensure that the best methods, materials and procedures are being used. Position provides leadership and guidance on staff engagement, productivity, safety and technical excellence.  Position provides guidance to reporting staff on more difficult issues and reviews assigned tasks for compliance to department and University policies. Sets the objectives and priorities and then determines the status of measures accomplishments against the strategic business plan goals, objectives and performance standards.

Responsible for ensuring all staff performing architectural work are trade qualified and competent.

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Eligibility for membership in a professional Institute or Association.  Professional Engineer preferred; or an equivalent combination of education and experience as a Journeyperson, and/or Architectural Building Technologist.  A minimum of 8 years of experience  in related architectural and planning experience  including experience with major construction or renovation projects or the equivalent combination of education and experience.  Thorough knowledge of BC Building Code is required, as well as considerable knowledge of building construction materials and methods, building envelope design fundamentals, National Fire Code of Canada and the Provincial Fire Services Act.  Knowledge of applicable acts, regulations, engineering principles and safety standards. Experience managing a large department within a complex unionized environment. Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate a group of employees with an aim to ensuring efficient operations and excellent customer service. Demonstrated ability to manage competing demands, establishes priorities, manage budgets and meet deadlines. Ability to effectively use Microsoft Office; knowledge of a variety of project and scheduling software is an asset, notably the UBC software. Effective interpersonal and customer service skills. Must possess a valid B.C. Driver's License with a good driving record.

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Location: Vancouver, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
Professional Categories: Building Technology/Inspection,Facilities Management/Development,Architecture
Posted: February 7, 2020, 9:50 am
Expires: March 6, 2020, 4:30 pm