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Posted: June 24, 2020, 11:41 am

Sutherland Road Box Culvert Installation

District of Kent

Sutherland Road Box Culvert Installation

Request for Quotations

The District of Kent is requesting quotations from contractors for the installation of two concrete box culverts adjacent to Sutherland Road, in the District of Kent. Quotations can be forwarded via mail and/or dropped off at the following address:

Mr. Dave Charbula District of Kent
7170 Cheam Avenue
P.O. Box 70
Agassiz, BC, V0M 1A0

Quotations must be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked “RFQ 2020-07 Sutherland Road Box Culvert Installation”. Contractors must complete and submit the forms attached in Section 2 “Quotation Submission Requirements”. Closing time for Quotations will be no later than 3:00 pm local time Monday, July 13, 2020. Technical questions regarding this RFQ can be directed to Mr. Dave Charbula, Environmental and Engineering Technologist by calling 604-796-2235.

Project Discussion

The District of Kent is requesting quotations for the installation of two concrete box culverts in accordance with the specifications, quantities and locations specified herein. Their installation must be to standards, specifications, instructions and conditions as prescribed by the Master Municipal Contract Documents (MMCD).

Culvert specifications are as follows:
1 x 12.5 m / 1800mm x 1500mm Concrete Box Culvert (in 2.5m long segments, weighing 10,000 kg each) 1 x 15 m / 1800mm x 900mm Concrete Box Culvert (in 2.5m long segments, weighing 8,500 kg each).

The culverts have been purchased by the District and the manufacturer expects a delivery window between September 1st and September 15th.

Services provided by the Contractor will include:
  • Removal of existing Corrugated Steel Culverts (1800mm, 1100mm)
  • Trench excavation (Approximately 15 m long, 3 m deep, 3 m wide)
  • Culvert base prep
  • Culvert segment placement (via crane and excavator as required)
  • Although the project is planned to take place when groundwater is at its lowest, bypass pumping and/or dewatering may be required. A link to the Provincial Groundwater Observation Well Network is provided here: 66ffd09b74f00d

A mandatory site visit is required before bidding.

See posted link to District of Kent website for additional information, including scope of work, additional specifications, maps, and bid requirements.

Request for Quotation
Addendum #1

Location: Agassiz
Organization: Kent (District)
Opportunity Type: Request for Quotations
Professional Categories: Construction, Road Maintenance & Construction
Expires: July 13, 2020, 3:00 pm
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