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Posted: January 22, 2020, 3:14 pm

Official Community Plan

Town of Port McNeill


Official Community Plan

Request for Proposals

The Town of Port McNeill is seeking the services of a consultant or team of consultants to undertake a comprehensive review of the Town’s 1997 Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 490, 1997 and provide a current OCP to meet the visions of the community for the current and future directions.

The Town’s Official Community Plan (OCP) was last updated in 1997. In the last twenty-two years since the adoption of the OCP, significant changes have occurred, and the world has become a different place.

The development of a new OCP should be a community building process, an opportunity for the community to come together in the early part of Council’s term to help Council examine current realities, refine the vision for the community, and participate in establishing policies that will help the community achieve its goals.

Accordingly, we request proposals from consultants with proven inter-disciplinary experience in master planning, urban design, community and stakeholder consultation, land use regulation and bylaw preparation to assist the Port McNeill in generating a new vision-driven OCP that will provide direction to the community and be a guide for Council in their future decision making.

The RFP is listed on BCBid or a copy can be obtained by emailing the contact below.

Submission Date, Time and Place

One (1) signed hard copy, one (1) copy in PDF format and one digital copy of the proposal marked “Attn: Pete Nelson-Smith Re: Town of Port McNeill OCP Review” will be delivered or mailed to the Town of Port McNeill at the address given below:

Pete Nelson-Smith
1775 Furney Place, Box 728
Port McNeill, BC V0N 2R0
Phone 250-956-3111

Proposals will be received at the Port McNeill Town Municipal Office before 4:00 PM local time on March 2, 2020. It is the exclusive responsibility of the bidders to ensure that their proposal is received by the Town of Port McNeill before this time and date.

Request for Proposals

Location: Port McNeill
Region: North and Central Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast
Business Categories: Planning
Expires: March 2, 2020, 4:00 pm