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Posted: June 3, 2019, 12:30 pm

Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP)

North Coast Regional District


Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) For:

Village of Queen Charlotte Village of Port Clements Village of Masset

North Coast Regional District Electoral Area E – Sandspit (unincorporated)

Proposal Background:

The Villages of Queen Charlotte, Port Clements, Masset and the Regional District Area E community of Sandspit (the “communities”) have each been awarded funding through the provincial 2019 Community Resiliency Investment Program to develop Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP). The Haida First Nations located in the communities of Old Massett and Skidegate will be included in the development of the Masset and Queen Charlotte CWPPs in order to fully address risks and vulnerabilities, and improve the collective resiliency of all communities throughout the project area. The communities are all located on Haida Gwaii, a remote archipelago off the Northwest Coast of BC. Our communities routinely collaborate at a regional and sub-regional level on a broad range of issues of common interest and concern, including emergency planning through our All Islands Emergency Planning Team.

Though all four communities each require separate CWPPs, they desire for the Plans to be consistent and coordinated due to the proximity of the communities, hazard and vulnerabilities of mutual concern, and the strong likelihood that a major wildfire would require a coordinated, cross-jurisdictional emergency response. Area of Interest (AOI) maps for each community are attached as Appendix A.

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the communities are inviting prospective proponents to submit proposals for the provision of four separate but coordinated CWPPs using the 2018 Province of British Columbia’s CWPP Template, including all mapping and spatial data requirements (See Appendix B).

The Coastal Fire Centre Wildfire Prevention Officer, BC Wildfire Service, Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development will be a key information source for development of the Plans. Contact information for key contacts will be provided upon project start.

RFP Contacts:

For the purposes of this procurement process, the “RFP Contact” shall be:

Daniel Fish, Corporate Officer, North Coast Regional District Email:
Phone: 250 624 2002 ext 2

Questions related to the joint RFP, including any need for clarification regarding proposal requirements and issues with the AOI should be referred to the RFP Contact.


To receive any addenda’s, proponents are required to submit their email addresses to

Scope of Work and Timeline:

Development and completion of CWPPs for each community’s complete AOI must include:

  • Consultation with municipal staff, Haida Nations (staff and/or Band Council), Fire Chiefs from neighbouring jurisdictions, provincial staff (BC Wildfire Service, MFLNRO, MoTI, BC Parks, etc.), utilities (hydro, TELUS, GwaiiTel, GwaiiComm, etc.), the Sandspit Airport and other key private landowners and/or stakeholders as required to complete the project;

  • Review of all relevant documents and background information;

  • Preparation of a CWPP that fully conforms to the 2018 Province of BC’s CWPP template;

  • Preparation of all related and required maps, spatial data and metadata;

  • Provision of a draft copy of the final plan for review by each community;

  • Delivery of one hard copy and one digital (PDF) copy of the final plan to each community;

  • Presentation of each CWPP to its respective Council and key stakeholders, which can be conducted remotely if needed.

The communities have been approved for funding and work can commence as soon as the contracts are awarded. Though four separate contracts will be issued, the intent of doing a joint RFP is to award all of the contracts to one proponent.

Submitted proposals must outline a reasonable timeframe in which the work will be completed. In order to comply with the terms of the Community Resiliency Investment Plan, all four CWPPs must be complete and submitted to the communities on or before March 31, 2020.

Response Content:

As noted, though four separate contracts will be issued, the intent of doing a joint RFP is to award all four contracts to one proponent. Proponents may therefore submit one combined proposal for all four CWPPs, as long as the recommended approach for each community is outlined and separate budgets/cost breakdowns are provided.

To facilitate the evaluation of proposals, proponents should submit the following information in the following order:

  • A cover page introducing the proponent and outlining your experience and understanding of the project.
  • A detailed description of your proposed approach to this project for each community, including timelines for anticipated stages and final completion. Proponents are encouraged to consider opportunities for collaboration between the communities, both within the scope of this project on an ongoing basis with respect to wildfire protection.
  • A list of three references including contact name and information of organizations for which you have provided a similar service.
  • An outline of your fee proposal showing separately your fee and estimated expenses for each community, broken down by project areas consistent with the provincial 2018 CWPP template sections and subsections.

Evaluation Criteria:

The communities will evaluate submissions based primarily on the suitability of the proposal for achieving the stated purposes, i.e. meeting the standards and requirements of the provincial 2018 CWPP template.

Other considerations may include:

  • Demonstrated proven and/or related experience
  • Availability and timelines
  • Budget
  • Reference checks
  • Extent to which the proposal offers opportunities for collaboration and improved efficiencies between the communities


Proposals are due by 4:00 pm on July 5, 2019, and will be accepted in hard copy to:
“Joint RFP for Community Wildfire Protection Plans – Haida Gwaii’ North Coast Regional District
14-342 3rd Avenue West Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 2K3
ATTN: Daniel Fish, Corporate Officer Or in PDF format by email to
The communities are not responsible for the timely receipt of submissions, and the late receipt of a submission may be cause for rejection. There will be no public opening of this RFP. Proposals must remain valid for 90 days following the closing time and date. Proposals are irrevocable after the closing time and date.

The communities are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). As a result, while Section 21 of the Act does offer some protection for third party business interests, the communities cannot guarantee that any information provided in the submissions can or will be held in confidence.

The successful bidder may be required to provide proof of the following:

  • A clearance letter from WorkSafeBC that confirms they are registered and in good financial standing with WorkSafeBC; and
  • Certification of insurance for a policy of general commercial liability insurance coverage for property damage, personal injury or death in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence.

The communities reserve the right to accept or reject any or all quotes either whole or in part at any time, or waive formalities in, or accept a quote either whole or in part which is deemed most favourable in the interest of each community.

The communities will be under no obligation to proceed further with any submitted quote and, should they decide to abandon same, they may, at any time, invite further quotes for the supply of the described services or enter into any discussion or negotiations with any party for the provision of the services.

No alterations, amendments or additional information will be accepted after the closing date and time unless invited by the communities.

The lowest or any submission in response to this RFP will not necessarily be accepted. The quotes will be considered on their merits and it is not the intention of the communities to buy on price alone.

Request For Proposal

Location: Prince Rupert
Region: North Coast / Nechako
Business Categories: Environmental Management & Consulting,Fire Protection,Environmental Sustainability
Expires: July 5, 2019, 4:00 pm