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Posted: May 13, 2019, 11:13 am

Maintain, Install Or Repair Facilities At The Hudson’s Hope Library And Visitors Centre

District of Hudson's Hope

District of Hudson's Hope

Request for Proposal

Maintain, Install Or Repair Facilities At

The Hudson’s Hope Library And Visitors Centre

9904 Dudley Drive
Hudson’s Hope, BC, V0C 1V0
Issue Date: May 13, 2019
Closing Date: May 31, 2019

The District of Hudson’s Hope is requesting Proposals for the maintenance, installation and repair of various components related to electrical, plumbing, HVAC and building envelopes.  For example, both building exteriors require cleaning, examination and buffing as appropriate, both buildings require electrical modifications, the library requires a review or modification to its HVAC.

The successful proponent will supply and install all required components for the work on which they are awarded. Proponents may submit bids on the entire scope of work, or may choose to submit bids on components of the work, e.g. electrical, plumbing or HVAC to which they are licensed.  

The information included in this RFP is not prescriptive or overly detailed.  We understand that proponents will have to familiarize themselves with the required work and submit their bids accordingly. The project work is included in Appendix A – Library, and Appendix B – Visitors Centre.

Submission of Proposals
Each proponent must submit 1 copy of their proposal titled “maintain, install and repair facilities at the Hudson’s Hope Library and Visitors Centre”, by courier or hand delivered to and must be received by 4:00pm, May 31, 2019 to:
Mokles Rahman, Director of Public Works
District of Hudson's Hope
P.O. Box 330 Hudson’s Hope, BC V0C 1V0

Or by fax to: 250-783-5741

Each Proposal shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the Proposal Due Date.

The District reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals without any obligation or any reimbursement to the Proponents.  If, in the sole opinion of the District, the Schedule of Prices provided by a Proponent is unreasonably low (i.e., the Work could not be completed for the quoted price), the District reserves the right to disqualify the submission.

The District may reject any Proposal in which, in the opinion of the District, the figures displayed in the Schedule of Prices are inherently unbalanced and do not properly reflect the cost to perform the Work identified, or if the proposed Project schedule does not accurately reflect the time required to perform the

Location: Hudson's Hope
Region: Peace River
Business Categories: Facility Maintenance, Inspection & Development
Expires: May 31, 2019, 4:00 pm