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Saturday, April18
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News Release


Monday, April 30, 2012

BC Grants Land to West Kelowna for Water Treatment Plant
By Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

WEST KELOWNA – The Province is granting title of approximately 2.69 hectares of Crown land at Powers Creek to the District of West Kelowna, announced Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Ida Chong.

The land is located at the site of the Powers Creek Water Treatment Plant, which is currently operated by the District of West Kelowna under a licence of occupation. The plant is integral to ensuring the health, sustainability and long-term growth of the West Kelowna town centre and surrounding areas. The district would like to strengthen its tenure on the land because it has made significant investments in the plant.

The Sponsored Crown Grant Program allows the Province to support communities in their efforts to address green priorities, enhance economic development and improve safety.


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