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Sunday, April26
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

City of Vernon Rewarded For Worker Safety
By City of Vernon

VERNON - The City of Vernon has been awarded The Certificate of Recognition (COR). COR is a joint program coordinated by the BC Municipal Safety Association and WorkSafe BC. It was developed to encourage and reward employers who not only meet WorkSafe BC Regulation, but exceed them, by developing strong Safety Management Systems and strong safety cultures within their organizations.

Due to COR, the City will see a potential WorkSafe BC rebate of approximately $30,000 for each year: 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The City of Vernon received the certificate on March 13 after undergoing a comprehensive audit of the Safety Management System in December 2011. To date, only 19 other organizations in BC, falling under the same WorkSafe BC classification, had successfully achieved COR.

Council agreed these rebates could be returned to the Occupational Health and Safety budget for future health and safety initiatives including a Return to Work COR audit in 2012 which could result in an additional 5% rebate.

Achieving COR is no simple matter, the audit process involves a comprehensive review of documentation, in depth interviews of a cross section of the organization including senior management, managers, supervisors and workers and site visits to verify findings.

Clay Fredin, Health and Safety Coordinator for the City of Vernon says, "Last year the Senior Management Team signed the Corporate Health and Safety policy which outlines the City’s commitment to worker health and safety. Every level of the organization is responsible for promoting a culture of safety among all workers, management, and executive. The management group worked diligently during 2011 to address shortcomings in the City Safety Management System which directly resulted in a successful COR audit."

COR is a process of continual improvement, requiring annual action plans to improve the safety management system, and annual maintenance audits, to ensure the City is maintaining the highest standard in health and safety.


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